Which quiz maker to use?

How can I develop a comprehensive enough knowledge to quickly make the best choice in which quiz makers to use?

Of course, I really like Captivate but it can be time consuming. It’s a high end tool with lots of interactive features so it’s good for adding audio/video content.You need to learn the best way to import it onto a site.

I really like LOCO  (Learning Object Composor)which I mainly use for work projects. Its’ simple layout makes it easy to use for time poor teachers but importing it into sites takes some knowledge and skill too. For example, you need to import the xml file into a Moodle site. You can download and try it from https://bitbucket.org/ehub/loco/downloads

I’ve used both Pro.Profs and Classmarker which are very easy to use as you use the template already there to create the quiz and you can embed it on a site. However, they are usually public quizzes and you don’t have as much control with navigation etc.

Recently I’ve been creating quizzes using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. The trickiest part is linking the answers to the questions. It’s easily uploaded into any site as an interactive PDF. There’s no link or xml file to import so you have more control and more time to do other quizzes.

If I’m creating a survey that doesn’t require correct/incorrect answers, then SurveyMonkey usually suffices.

So the factors I need to ask myself for choosing a quiz maker are:

  • Is it time consuming to create?
  • Can I create a template to save time?
  • Can the template be easily changed if I need to?
  • Does it require a lot of technical skill?
  • Can I link it or embed it in a Moodle, blog or wiki or other site?
  • Am I creating a knowledge based quiz, a survey, a tutorial or self-assessment?
  • Can I integrate a knowledge based quiz with a tutorial?
  • Can I easily integrate teacher feedback?
  • How easy is it to set the marking?
  • Do I need to add audio and/or video content? How easy is it to do this?
  • Do I need to add links? Will the links break?

Sometimes the least technically complicated tool is the best one for busy teachers. Which quiz makers do your prefer?


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