Housing Vocabulary Interactive Quiz

housing_vocab_image 1

This engaging Housing Vocabulary 1 quiz of 31 slides targets beginner learners. It builds vocabulary for names of rooms in a house, names of different types of houses and some features of houses. It also focuses on the use of prepositions of place. There are 2 simple quizzes and 1 interactive reading activity using vivid images and pop-up answers to questions asked. The reading activity encourages learners to think about what they may already know. They can pause when they need to read longer and take notes of new words and phrases.

1. Matching quiz – 3 questions
2. Prepositions quiz – 8 questions
3. Reading activity – 14 questions

Learning new housing vocabulary is especially relevant for learners who move to a new country and are looking for a new home.


This quiz was created using Adobe Captivate. You need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player to view the interactive quiz. There are two file choices, as an Adobe Acrobat Document or as a Shockwave File Object. General features of the quiz are:

• choices are automatically marked
• overall results are displayed at the end
• 1 point allocated for each correct answer
• 80% or more of total points is a total pass
• answers reviewed at end.

The quiz can be displayed on an electronic whiteboard as a class activity or it could be uploaded online for individual use such as in a wiki or blog. It is also possible to print the text and questions.


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