21st century learning

Insightful Edudemic article on what it means to be a learner today and the role of the educator within the learning process.

21st century learning to me means that students are connected to other learners and resources throughout the world preparing them to become problem solvers and communicators. They construct their learning and have relevant, authentic work and assessments. Students are comfortable collaborating with others in and out of their classroom. They have good digital citizenship and know how to use multiple technology resources. Students also show creativity, problem solving and leadership. 21st century students know how to explore, have curiosity about the world, are accountable and know how to take initiative. “Thanks to technology and the Internet, all children now are children of the globe, not just children of the neighborhood where they live.” (Jacobs 2010 p. 107) My definition of 21st century learning evolved through my own educational experience, professional readings and research.”




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