Workflow lesson: interactive tools for teaching about celebrations

Workflow lesson for describing celebrations – beginners to advanced

Objective: To develop a cross-cultural understanding of celebrations and the oral and written language to describe it so that it leads to a written simple description or report. The level of text complexity depends on the students intermediate or advanced language skills.

eLearning tools: Pinterest, Interactive Quiz, YouTube, online teaching and learning websites

Teaching and Learning Cycle

Building the context and vocabulary

These activities can engage students in conversations about the topic.

  • Brainstorm and elicit kinds of celebrations learners have experienced.
  • Elicit vocabulary from the Englishinsider Pinterest Celebrations board.
  • Watch videos or documentaries of celebrations, take notes of vocabulary and describe what is happening. Videos on New Years Eve, Chinese New Year etc can be easily found on YouTube.
  • Complete Celebrations Vocabulary Interactive Quiz 1 either together as a class, in pairs or individually.
  • Elicit a discussion on how people celebrate birthdays in different countries, what the milestone birthdays are and what are appropriate gifts for different ages.
  • Elicit a discussion on how people celebrate the New Year in different countries and compare similarities and differences.
  • Draw a chart on board under country and gifts to compare the differences and similarities that come up during the conversation.

Modelling the report genre

These activities can be teacher centred if the students require full support for developing their understanding of reports.

Joint construction of a report

These activities can be done in pairs so students support each other in developing the language together.

  • Find images on Pinterest or Google images on different types of celebrations. Organise images on a board according to type of celebration.
  • Complete the Interactive Quizzes on Gift Giving and/or Reports in pairs.
  • Orally describe a festival or celebration students have experienced. Write a list of questions they can ask each other or have students write their questions and answers.
  • Research and write a description of a celebration in pairs.
  • For advanced learners, complete the Festival Cloze Reading and Speaking activity from the Worksheets page.

Independent construction of a report

  • Write a report on a festival.
  • Post report on a class blog, wiki or Moodle or share on this site on Holidays and Celebrations.


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