Celebrations Report Interactive Quiz

Celebrations Report

I’ve just published a new quiz on reports describing Milestone Birthdays and New Year Celebrations across different cultures.

The two cross-cultural reports in this quiz build vocabulary and knowledge of the structure and language features of reports. Each report begins with a vocabulary check activity and then the multiple choice quiz. Questions are shuffled each time the learner attempts the quiz. The questions ask learners to choose the correct vocabulary to complete a sentence and to check their comprehension of the text. Overall, there are 28 questions in the quiz.

  1. The Milestones Birthday report gives information about what the coming of age and milestone birthdays are in different countries. It has 12 multiple choice questions.
  2. The New Year Celebrations report describes New Year Celebrations in English-speaking countries, Latin-American countries and Asian countries including Chinese New Year. It has 14 multiple choice questions.

This quiz is a nice follow up from the Celebrations Vocabulary and Gift Giving quizzes or as a stand alone quiz.

Take a look and leave your feedback at either of these stores

Adult Education - TeachersPayTeachers.com


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