Workflow lesson: interactive tools for teaching food topic

Workflow lesson for describing and talking about food – beginners to advanced

Objective: To develop language for describing food in an oral and written context.

Elearning tools

Teaching and Learning Cycle

Building the context and vocabulary

  • Name food items in supermarket advertisements, on excursions to the grocery store and in the Food Vocabulary Quiz.
  • Identify food from the Englishinsider Food Vocabulary Pinterest board.
  • Students create their own Pinterest food board based on a grocery list or ingredients for a recipe.
  • Srudents create a Pinterest board for categories such as fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats etc.
  • Collect and pin favourite recipes to share and talk about in pairs and small groups on a Pinterest board.
  • Share photographs of food or meals they have cooked via Facebook.
  • Search free recipe apps such as Epicurous and Taste to read recipes and become familiar with ingredient and cooking related words.
  • Talk about the most common food items, ingredients and recipes from their own culture in pairs and small groups.
  • Ask students to respond to questions about food from their own country by creating a Facebook poll

Modelling the text

  • Identify and read main structural and language features of an online recipe – Ingredients, Method, food and cooking related vocabulary, action verbs, step by step instructions.
  • Practice understanding recipes by completing Food Recipe Interactive Quiz 2, reading print or online recipes, watching online cooking shows and taking notes.
  • Complete Food Report Interactive Quiz 3 and discuss the structure and language of reports.

Joint construction of text

  • Watch Food Safari or another cooking show, take notes and re-write the recipe in pairs.
  • Share the recipe by explaining it to another student.
  • When the recipe is completely written, share it on Facebook. Documents can be uploaded to a Facebook Group page. In this way, a collection of recipes can be shared.
  • Write a simple report on food in pairs after watching a food documentary.

Independent construction of text

  • Student write a recipe by themselves and with the Camera function of the iPad record explaining the recipe.
  • Upload video recording of student to a wiki, blog or Moodle or to Show Me.
  • Survey students so that they self-assess their oral performance or conduct a peer to peer assessment.
  • Students individually write a simple report describing food from their own culture and upload to wiki, blog or Moodle. Documents can also be uploaded to a Facebook Group page.

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