Gift Giving Interactive Quiz for Intermediate Learners

This interesting and thought provoking 21 slide quiz for intermediate second language English learners looks at language used for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. It includes various activities.
1.The first reading activity and quiz checks the meaning of the relevant vocabulary in a reading text. The reading text explains birthday and celebration customs.
2.The second quiz looks at the kind of greeting card messages people send to different types of people, ranging from children to adults and acquaintances.
3.The third task asks learners to think about what kind of gifts they like. This prepares them for the next activity.
4.The last reading activity includes descriptions of 5 people for whom they need to choose an appropriate gift. These descriptions also review the adverbs of frequency used in Celebrations Vocabulary Interactive Quiz 1.

The activities stimulate interesting discussions about gift giving customs and what is an appropriate gift, especially for second language learners from other cultures who may have different gift giving customs. It can be used as a class activity or completed individually on the computer.

About the quiz
This quiz was created using Adobe Captivate. You need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player to view the interactive quiz. Choices are automatically marked and overall results are displayed at the end. Answers can also be reviewed. The quiz is set up so that 80% or more of total points is a pass and 1 point is allocated for each question. The quiz can be displayed on an electronic whiteboard as a class activity or it could be uploaded online for individual use such as in a wiki or blog. It is also possible to print the text and questions.


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