Workflow lesson: interactive tools for teaching family topic

As you can see from my posts, I’ve been endeavouring to learn how to use all these tools – social media, apps and the iPad, creating and using e-quizzes – for teaching adult students who are learning English. Bringing what I’ve learned about elearning and social media tools together, I’m creating lessons integrating these resources as part of the teaching and learning cycle . So here is my workflow lesson using social media, iPad apps and an interactive quiz.

Workflow lesson for describing family – beginners level.

Objective: To develop English language skills for describing family, orally and written, in a social context.

Elearning tools

  • Social Media tool: Pinterest
  • Quiz resource: Family Vocabulary Interactive Quiz 1 from Quiz Page or  at teacherspayteachers
  • iPad Apps: Skitch, Explain Everything, ShowMe, SlingNote, WritePad

Teaching and Learning Cycle

Building the context and vocabulary

  • Use the Englishinsider Pinterest Family board to teach and elicit vocabulary to describe family eg. Nouns, adjectives, phrases, questions.
  • View images on an electronic board or Smartboard to elicit vocabulary. Write language on board as it arises.
  • Students can copy images onto Skitch app and label members of a family in a picture or write descriptive phrases.

Modelling family tree and description text

  • Complete interactive quiz on family – either together as a class on the Smartboard or students complete it individually. There are a number of ways to deliver this activity- see teacherspayteachers.

Students create their own family tree

  • Students can draw an image of a family tree with these iPad apps: WritePad, SlingNote, Explain Everything. Or import examples of a family tree from the Pinterest board. With Explain Everything, photos of family members can also be imported and placed into the family tree.
  • Describe their family with each other in pairs or small groups using completed family tree. Students can write a list of questions they might want to ask about family before the activity. It could even be recorded with ShowMe app.

Independent construction of descriptive text

  • Students write a description of their own family either by typing or on paper. Send to Evernote or Dropbox folder to save, share and correct.

These activities develop both written and oral language skills using elearning tools at different stages of the teaching and learning cycle. Some of them could be done in class or at home or even at the library, depending on the students access to e-resources and the timing of your activities. Let me know how it goes with your students.


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