Celebrations Interactive Quiz for Beginners

Celebrations Vocabulary Quiz 1

This vivid and interactive quiz for beginners highlights vocabulary for describing celebrations, parties and festivals. There are 24 slides with 3 quizzes. The first quiz is a sentence matching to picture/video activity with the relevant word/s highlighted. The second quiz matches a festival with the country. The last quiz is a fill-in-the-blank grammar quiz focusing on adverbs of frequency which connect with the sentences in the first quiz.

The kinds of celebrations and festivals are culturally diverse so that this quiz can be used at Christmas, Halloween, Ramadan or at any other festival time. The objective is to build the vocabulary and start the conversation on types of festivals and the kinds of things people do at festivals.

I created this quiz using Adobe Captivate 6 and published it as a pdf so that it can be easily downloaded, saved and uploaded where you wish. You need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player to view the interactive quiz. Choices are automatically marked and overall results are displayed at the end. Students can review their answers at the end of the quiz. The quiz is set up so that 80% or more of total points is a pass and 1 point is allocated for each question. The quiz can be displayed on an electronic whiteboard as a class activity or it could be uploaded online for individual use such as in a wiki or blog. It is also possible to print the text and questions.

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Please let me know what you think by leaving a rating or comment on the site or here. It will always help me improve.


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