The Plagiarism Spectrum

Interesting read on 10 most common types of plagiarism students make. How can we make students more aware of these mistakes?

Preventing plagiarism in the Digital Age

GUEST COLUMN | by Jason Chu

Summer 2012 was awash in breaking news of journalistic misconduct, punctuated with the exposure of Jonah Lehrer’s and Fareed Zakaria’s acts of plagiarism (for a full review of the “Summer of Sin,” see Craig Silverman’s post on[1]). Though the “Summer of Sin” came to an end, the Fall brought with it more bad news with cases of cheating at both Stuyvesant High School and renowned Harvard University coming to light. The breaking news, as such, regarding the current state of our journalistic and academic integrity paints a pretty bleak picture. If shame, embarrassment, and career suicide are not enough to keep professionals who traffic in facts from staying on the straight and narrow, what can be done to curb this behavior, especially among students?

This post is not about drawing attention yet again to how…

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