Favourite ways to read and curate online

I'm an avid digital reader. I read content from a number of sources I subscribe to in different places under different topics. I feel that each one gives a different reading experience but I'm also finding that I have developed some favourites.


Although I can access this on my iPad I tend to use it mostly on my desktop computer and I tend to use it for work only. My research is easily categorised in folders. However, I only use it if I have research to do.

Google Reader

Nice layout for easy scrolling on the desktop. I use it on my desktop and iPad. This one is a favourite. I use it most days to check the latest information and I can save favourites.

WordPress Reader

I use this one about once or twice a week and can access it on my iPad or computer. It's an easy way to follow favourite blogs without having to log into each one.


I think Scoop.it is the most visually appealing for student activities rather than Diigo or Google Reader. It creates a nice newspaper layout. It's useful if you don't have time to search for information as others have done it for you so I only used it when I was in research mode.


Another one I would use for student activities. I use it mainly to read my Twitter feed.


A big favourite I use to curate my reading. I have a number of tags that show up in the notes with the image, text and the site that I can go to if need be. I use Evernote nearly every day. I find it the most convenient to use anywhere and accessible on any device or computer.


Brings it all together – Google Reader, Twitter, WordPress Reader. This one has become another big favourite. I use this one nearly every day on the train, at work, at home, on holiday.



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