How can students use online tools to edit their writing

How many students make the most of their Microsoft grammar and spell check before they submit their writing assignments? What about readability and plagiarism? Do you teach your students how to use editing and plagiarsm checker tools?

This link explains readability . I’ve recently learned how to check readability by setting up the Proofing settings in Microsoft. Here are Word proofing images on how to set it up. Although it’s not the purpose of these tools, I’m sure students will be motivated to improve their writing if they can see at what grade level their writing is at – especially if they’re keen to get their writing to an academic level.

This link lists the free plagiarism detection tools for educators but why not raise it with students as well.

Responses from students in regard to these tools has been great. They use them throughout the writing process. The work they submit is never perfect but they’ve become more aware of the importance of original work and asking them questions about their writing to elicit what they have learned is all part of the writing process.


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