How to enjoy e-reading with and

Are you really enjoying reading posts, tweets, feeds online? Are your students missing out on reading relevant online material? Do we need more “cognitive slow…more effortful thinking” (Ropeik, Do we need to take more time to think about what we read? Wish your students would too? Here’s how I’m trying.

Fight the death by scroll with

I’ve found useful for slowing down my Twitter feed. I call it the slow feed movement. I can scan and read articles in a magazine friendly way. It gives me time to enjoy reading instead of being distracted by fast in-coming tweets seeking to win a popularity contest.The Twitter format seems best for a mobile phone anyway because of the way you scroll and it’s convenient for checking current trending topics but not for reading thoughtfully. That’s where the benefit of comes in for me. reads very nicely in an iPad browser or on a desktop computer. Another strategy for slowing down my Twitter feed is by reading it on my Flipboard too.

Save and curate resources with

It’s easy to save and collect articles on a particular topic that I can refer to again and again. It gives me the head space to re-read and think about what’s being written instead of being pulled in by the lure of surfing distractions. Best of all, it does some of the search for you and others can contribute to your topic or you can follow topics that have already been curated. Receiving a regular email summary of my topics also means I don’t have to log in unless an article really interests me. One topic I’m researching is iPad flow for teaching and learning activities but there doesn’t seem to be much on that topic so far.

I think there is value in being mindful about what we read on social media and slowing down our feeds focuses the reader on the meaning rather than the pace. and can help teachers and students do that.


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