Newsstand or Flipboard?

I’m not sure what the advantages are of having the SMH in the Newsstand yet. It appears much to have the same function except for a few new features such as saving articles under new headings titled My Clippings and adding favourite news topics in My News.

I haven’t really explored the Newsstand app as I don’t buy magazines unless I’m on holidays, even then it’s a paper version. I’m satisfied with getting my readings from Flipboard and a variety of news apps. In fact, I even sometimes borrow mags from the library! I do find it inconvenient that I can’t even move the Newsstand app into my Readings or News folder. I just hope that this new SMH is not a sign of things to come, i.e. $$.

The interactive media features are still great to use as warmer conversations with students. Here are two screenshots from today’s articles on saving energy and the use of sunscreen.



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