Emailing and sharing from the iPad

These 2 images were taken on the iPad and stitched together with Procreate app.

There may be times when you would like to email a colleague or student from the iPad. Here is how I’ve emailed from various apps. Just wish the email/share icons were the same for all of them. While it seems straight forward there are some minor differences between the apps that a beginner could miss if you don’t know where to look or how many taps to make.

Sending a link

  • From Safari, tap the arrow at top left of screen and tap Mail link to this page. This opens your email compose page. You can also tap Tweet to go to your Twitter account. All works easily.
  • To share on Facebook, however, you need to swipe the URL address to copy and paste onto your wall. Don’t know why there aren’t other social network options in Safari.

Sending an article

  • From Flipboard, tap arrow at bottom right when you open the article. Tap Mail link. Or tap Share link which opens a box from which you can choose your social network account such as Facebook or Linkedin.
  • From the SMH app, tap arrow at top right of the article and tap either Email, Twitter or Facebook
  • From the ABC app, its on the top right and you can Share using email, Share using Twitter or Share using Facebook rather easily.
  • From the BBC app, tap top right icon and tap Share by email/ Share by Facebook or Share on Twitter.

Sending a photo

  • From your Photos app, you can Email photo or Tweet.
  • To add to Facebook, however, you can upload a photo from your Camera roll via the Facebook app when you go to your Photos and tap the plus sign.
  • Where you find an image in Safari, there are two ways to do it.

1. You can Save image to your Camera roll by tapping and holding on the image for a few seconds. Then you can email from your Photos app.

2. You can Copy your image into your Compose email page but it doesn’t always seem to work. Check it before you send it.

Sending a video

  • With videos from your Camera roll, you can Email video or directly Send to Youtube. It also worked when I directly Copied the video and pasted into my email message but it was slow.
  • From the Youtube app, you can Mail link to this video and Tweet. To share on Facebook you add the video from your Camera Roll by tapping the plus sign.
  • ABC iview lets you Email, Twitter or Facebook once you tap on the program and then tap on the arrow.
  • TED also lets you Email, Twitter or Facebook from the bottom right corner icon.

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