Pinterest for English language teaching

                                                             englishinsider Pinterest boards

Have been playing with Pinterest and reading online posts on what people are doing with it. At first, it was like a new toy. I searched and repinned favoured images and videos on various boards. Now that the honeymoon stage is over, here is what I think about it in terms of its possible use for English language teaching.

Great that I can embed an image from Pinterest into a post as I did below. Students could also do this for their blog and you can teach how to acknowledge the original source at the same time.

Useful way of collecting images as writing prompts for narratives, descriptions, explanations and reports. There are some fantastic infographics that provide a highly visual element for visual learners.

Creating or searching vocabulary boards that beginner ESL students can use such as for the topic of family, food, weather etc Students could even collaborate together in creating their own vocabulary boards.

Creating a video board on English language teaching and learning tips which is perfect for auditory and visual learners. Videos can even be pinned from Youtube and Vimeo. When I tried to pin a video from it only pinned the image of the video but you can follow the link to the site when you click on it.

As far as the pinning method goes, I didn’t find that the Pinterest app always worked. I prefer using the Pin it code for a bookmark on the ipad which is  provided at the Pinterest site  or at It was easy to follow the instructions there. I saved the code and bookmarked it on my iPad so I can pin from Safari much in the same way as my Evernote clipper works. For adding a PinIt Button to a blog follow the link at the above for tips. It’s pretty convenient that wordpress has a pin it button you can add to posts as well.

So check out my Pinterest boards so far at


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