21st Century Teacher

I came across this article on “The Making of a 21st century Teacher” which expresses the same idea in my previous post on The Resource Savvy Teacher. It seems not only do teachers in Australia experience the challenges that are driving us into the 21st century.


CLASSROOM 21  | by Greg Limperis

Click here for PDF version

A modern-day declaration of where things stand for educators in a social-media saturated world yet to fully hit our schools.

Today’s teacher has to possess many more skills than a teacher of our previous century. The teachers of today have to be highly-qualified educators, parental figures, master communicators, engaging presenters, expert trainers, sages, technophiles, data analysts, sales people and much more.

As an educator, I have had to be not only the teacher at the front of the classroom, but the guide on the side as well. I’ve had times when I have felt like I am performing on stage and times when I am training my peers on how to do something new. I have had to be that parental figure that is often a shoulder to lie on, a friend to laugh with, or a safe haven…

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