Resource savvy teachers

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Picture this.

It’s Monday and the teacher enters a classroom that has an electronic Smartboard. Great, she thinks, as she logs on to access her Notebook software files. The Tuesday classroom has a whiteboard and projector with a computer. Can’t log on. The computer is down. Next time she’ll bring her iPad to access her Dropbox and multi-media files, she thinks. On Wednesday, her usual day off, she’s called to substitute a colleague. She finds that this classroom only has a whiteboard, even a couple of dusty tape recorders at the back, so she rushes to the photocopier with her USB and grabs a CD player on the way. Luckily she always carries her USB and CD for emergencies. On Thursday she’s in the computer room. Some computers work, some don’t. Students share a computer to view the blog they’re working on. Some use their iPhones.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

How prepared and resource savvy does a teacher have to be in order to cope with every kind of scenario?

This is the reality of the 21st century teacher…teaching resources can’t all be in the same format anymore.

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