This image of Adobe Captivate was dragged from Flickr in the Blogsy app on my iPad.

When I saw what Captivate 4 could do,the potential it had for students, I wanted to learn it.

How did I go about learning the Captivate software?

I watched video tutorials on, did a training workshop for tips on how to get started but mostly it was just hands on practice after I purchased it for my home computer. It is fiddly and time consuming to begin with but I started with simple tasks such as inserting text and images while reading the how-to guide for step-by-step instructions. Then I used the quiz templates to work out how to set that up, beginning with a basic true/false template. Templates are great in learning initial skills.

Now it did mean that I spent extra time at home learning it but it didn’t feel tedious because I was enjoying it and seeing the result of my efforts motivated me further. We all know that we feel more motivated to learn something new when we enjoy it at the same time. Still there is a lot more to Captivate than what I’ve done so far.

So I hope you enjoy the results of what I’ve learned so far on the Quiz Page. Try it with your students and feel free to leave some feedback. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader and Flash.


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