How to get pictures from iPad to blog

Blogsy App

As you can see from my last couple of posts, I’ve been playing with taking screenshots of the iPad to use in my posts. To do this, you press the Home and Sleep/Off button at the same time and just once so that you hear a camera click sound.

For the Summer Apps post I took individual pics of each app on my iPad and emailed them. I edited these in Fireworks on my desktop computer, in my amateur teacherish way, cropping and placing them together as one image. Then I could upload it from my WordPress media library. Done easily!

For the Update on MoodleEZ app it was a simpler image so I emailed it after I cropped it on my iPad. Then I uploaded it on WordPress on my desktop computer. Done easily!

For this post, I uploaded the image into photo library on the right side of the Blogsy screen and then dragged it into the post. Then you can edit the image by tapping on it for the pop up screen. Done easily too!

I checked to see if the image was retained in the WordPress media library. Yes it is!

So you can be flexible with how you do it but I must say that I am enjoying using Blogsy. I can write offline and you can choose your blog host whether WordPress or Blogger as well as upload images from Flickr or Picasa. That one I’ll try next.


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