iPad Beginner – Apps

So you’re an iPad newbie but an experienced teacher with lots of resources. If you’re like me, you’ll have electronic files and still some paper files that are hard to let go of but you want to continue to use them.
This useful app lets you view and use your resources on the iPad. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s Dropbox.

  1. First, download Dropbox on your PC from http://www.dropbox.com/
  2. Register with your email address, username and password.
  3. Copy and paste or move a Word, ppt or pdf document into the Documents folder.
  4. Then on your iPad go to the Apps Store, search Dropbox and tap install. It’s free.
  5. Now still on your iPad you can login with the same username and password.
  6. Go to Documents and view the same document as on your PC.

Take it a step further. If you have a powerpoint presentation,

  1. Install the Keynote app. It costs but it’s worth it if you intend to use presentations in class.
  2. In the Dropbox app, tap your ppt document.
  3. Tap the arrow in the right-hand corner to see Open in.
  4. Tap Open in and Keynote.
  5. You can now present it via the VGA adapter to project it to the class.


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