MoodlEZ app on iPad

Next I got brave and tried an app designed for Moodle on the iPad. MoodlEZ is meant to help with uploading and managing files.

Initially I wasn’t sure if there was a problem with the download and I wrote to the team who created the app. It was easy to write to them via the email link within the app and their response was quick and helpful. So I was able to get access to my Moodle.

Then I tried to upload a video into a webpage via MoodlEZ with my reliable connection at home. These are the steps I took.

  • Record video via Camera app
  • Upload video in Dropbox
  • Open video in MoodlEZ so that it is stored in the file list in inbox
  • Go to Files
  • Go to upload this file page and click on upload this file
  • Go to web page
  • Go to insert/edit embedded media
  • Choose your media player eg. windows media player
  • Choose video from your file library to upload

No success. The player uploaded but no video. Very frustrating! Not sure if there was a problem with the steps I took or with the Moodles site?

Will keep you posted but if you have any suggestions please tell.

Meanwhile for app reviews in education check out these great sites and


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