iPad beginner

When I first got my iPad I played around with it at home, checking out the apps and what they can do, searching for apps that might be useful personally and for class and taking photos and videos. So I felt comfortable with it the first time I used it in class.

If you are an iPad beginner I recommend that you take photos or a video of your students doing something in class like giving a short speech or performing a casual dialogue.

Then you can easily hook it up to a projector with an Apple VGA Adapter. I had no problem with it as it picked up the projector signal quickly once connected. Then it was just a matter of playing it to the class and discussing their performance. Just remember that when you tap the play icon on the iPad, the video itself won’t show on the iPad, only on the projector.

The students were thrilled at how quickly they could view the video. No longer did they have to wait for it the next day after I had to upload it to the PC. Surprisingly, there were actually no hitches!

If you’d like to take it a step further and provided that your college has a good wi-fi connection, why not upload it your own YouTube channel. Just go to the Photos app (I know strange that is where the videos go) tap the video, tap the curved arrow in the top right corner and tap send to YouTube. I usually make sure I’ve already logged in to YouTube via the YouTube app before I take this step. If you make the video private make sure you copy the students email in the YouTube edit page afterwards so that they get a copy. Or have them become members of your channel.

Good luck!


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