Festival Time

So been attending the spring festivals about town and now end of term is just around the corner with Christmas knocking soon!

Only a couple or so lessons to go and racking your brains on what to do in class?

How about getting students to talk about festivals? Here are some cloze reading tasks that students can complete individually and then in groups of 3 or 4 ask questions about each others reading. The task:

  • includes a variety of festivals from a range of cultures
  • stimulates students to also discuss the festivals they go to
  • reviews language such as the past tense, time words, linking words, question formation
  • focuses on new language to describe celebration and festivals
  • focuses on reading and speaking skills
  • suits an intermediate to advanced level of ESL learners

Festivals Cloze Reading and Speaking Activity

You could make up your own cloze by visiting the site where the descriptions come from at http://www.topics-mag.com/internatl/holidays/festivals.htm Or even better have students send them an email describing a festival!

Extend by providing students with information about festivals they can go to in their local area during the holiday season.


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