Living English

Why reinvent the wheel if there is a good high quality resource online?

Living English has a great online film series called “Sisters and Brothers’. Set in Adelaide, Australia, it follows the trials and tribulations of the main character Anne who is looking for her missing brother. Each episode focuses on a language or grammar item within the dialogue followed by commentary from the hosts, Brenton Whittle and Michelle Crowden, afterwards. A bonus is learning idioms and cultural norms in the Australian context.

Great for developing listening skills, I found that it motivated learners at a post-beginner to intermediate level. They learned new language and conversational phrases as well as consolidating knowledge that they already knew. It was also easy to supplement with other grammar and writing activities, and speaking and role-playing activities as the dialogue is provided online.

In the classroom, the series can be viewed via an electronic whiteboard, a lap-top/projector set up, or individually in a computer room. There’s always the advantage of reviewing it at home afterwards too.

Here is a lesson plan with ideas on how to integrate an episode and elearning tools.

Lesson Plan Living English Episode 12

For an ongoing writing activity while watching the series, try the form below to summarise each episode and record new words.

Series summary


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